Thursday, 6 March 2014

Where have I gone?

I have worked all my adult life helping kids avoid bullies.
Ignore it.
You are better than that.
Tell someone.
The bully has bigger issue, let's try to understand them.

When you've trusted someone with all your faults and foibles, secrets and hopes and been as real as you can be: and they turn on you and treat you appallingly - that stings.

When you are a kid.

When you are an adult you go through loads of feelings, the whole range sometimes.

When you are an adult with a mental health disorder it is all these things, plus you need to try and keep yourself safe.

And when the good friend who dumped on you after 15 years of friendship, knowing what it would do to you as they have a very close relative with MH themselves?

You can fill in the rest.

I AM still blogging, but am starting afresh, hopefully somewhere where, "Dear Reader" she will leave me alone.